I help spiritual women have it all:

a miraculous life of abundance, love, and fulfilling work.

Over the years, I have developed an effective system to invite women for a three month Goddess Quest. At the end of the three month quest we review our intentions and decide if we wish to continue to deepen in the work.

Some have gone on to work with me for over a year, others are excited and fulfilled at the end of three months.

My intention is to hold you in the light of your greatest potential, not to create a dependency on me.

I believe that all you need is within you, your soul’s wisdom, your true wealth, well-being, and love are waiting to be accessed.

I am not your Guru, but a gentle guide pointing you back to the source of wisdom within you. Your unique imprint of Goddess awaits you and your world needs you to show up fully in your authentic power.

Three month Goddess quest:

Month 1:

Joyfully exploring your hidden potentials

Intuitive Guidance: Discovering your unique soul contract and purpose in this lifetime.

Commitment moves you into the miracle zone.

Clearing away blocks and the self saboteur

Tuning into the inner light of awareness.

Uncovering your miracle intention for our work together.

Creating a vision for your life that lights you up.

Month 2:


“The universe rewards action.” Jack Canfield

Creating an altar

How to move forward with joy.

Overcoming procrastination and perfectionism.

Deep inquiry: What is the one thing I can do now that would change everything?

Deep inquiry: What would love have me do in the short term, in the long term?


Month 3:


Goddess practices, rituals, and processes for embodying your best self in the world.

Dismantling the old ‘unconscious feminine’ and replenishing yourself with Goddess archetypes.

Integrating the sound and light body of Goddess through healing Sanskrit mantras.

Compassion for the self, compassion for the collective.

Uncovering your mission as Goddess.


By now, you are wondering if this is a good fit for you. If that’s the case, then we need to have a conversation.

I see my work as love, so I have set aside time each month for free consultations. I only want you to commit to this quest if you are a full body, “Yes!” And we can figure that out together through my holding a loving space of inquiry for you.

We can connect anywhere in the world via Skype, phone, WhatsApp, or Facetime. You can schedule a 45 minute appointment with me by clicking on this link to my online calendar.


The appointment times will be in your local time zone and you will receive a confirmation via email.