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A Love Letter from God to Goddess

 Usha Sharma heart poem

Early one morning, this poem arrived in a clairvoyant clairaudient vision. The lines imprinted themselves on my consciousness and I immediately took dictation and wrote them down in the journal I keep beside my bed.

I invite you to read it through three times. The first time, read it as if you were God speaking to Goddess. The second time read it as if you were Goddess speaking to God. And finally, the third time, read it from yourself to yourself. Then contemplate the questions you find at the bottom.

A Love Letter from God to Goddess

I love

The way a starfish loves

Open, wild, free, limbs flung open

Vulnerable, exposing all my softest parts

To you

Including the prickles that tickle

Tender like fur

Floating together.


I love

As an eagle loves

Clasping and thrusting

As we soar in mid-air

On powerful wings

Open, wild and free

Flying high,

Loving each other into freedom

Over the mountains and clouds together


I love

The way a sea otter loves.

Playful and sleek

Wet fur shining in the sun

Lying on my back

Then diving with you

Into the ocean of existence

Sinuous and radiant together.


I love

As a bee loves a flower

With magnetic attraction

Inevitable allurement

Of words like golden pollen

Which fertilize your mind and heart

O the glory of nakedness

Together we make sweet honey

In the breathless orgasmic wonder

Of Oneness.


Questions for contemplation:

Respond to the following in your journal.

Which forms of love spoke to you the most?

Which did you identify with?

What is your deepest heart’s longing?

How do you wish to express or receive love?


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