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well-being, and love are waiting to be accessed.

Be Still and Flow

A transmission from the Great Mother Goddess on April 5, 2017 in the hours before sunrise. Northern California.


When the weight of things left undone

Threatens to crush your spirit, step aside. Exhale.

One day you will leave all behind with a final breath —

Including me, your writing desk of scrolled wood piled high with papers unfiled, unread.

Practice leaving now. Hush.… Let go, let go. Enter eternity now.


Again and again, Beloved, you have chosen to be rather than to do,

There’s nothing wrong with that, my honeyed soul.

You thought you had to choose one or the other. I am here to release you from those moral handcuffs of obligation, the prison of being good or doing good. I am free will.

I am the key, waiting in this rectangular curved, shuffling stack.

In repelling and releasing you, I am Death. To be fully alive, embrace me.

I liberate you from identifying with this role, this location, this body of light:

Light can write anywhere, speak from any object, including here and now.

I am the mysterious joy of Being while doing,

The undiscovered country of home.

In my flat, stacked and dusty despair

Is a hidden portal to Being-doing conjoined

Where you are neither human being nor human doing —

You are your true human radiance, homo luminous.


Established in Being, take action.

Be still and flow.

Enter the eternal.

Die and live, now.


And if you choose to practice staying, rather than leaving, my love,

Then take a tiny ant step,

Move forward in joy, knowing that each ant does her miniscule and mighty part for the sake of the whole, and it all gets done somehow.

Hasten slowly, now my dear,


What you have already done is enough.

You have permission to rest

To sink into the soft velvet of the body

To pour a cup of jasmine green tea

And sit and gaze through the window at the clouds scudding across the sky.


You are already forgiven

For all you did or didn’t do,

Your sins of omission and sins of commission are washed away by wholeness.

Your holy tears baptize you.


You have permission to putter and play.

Experiment a little with Being-doing.

In your refusal to be an automaton —

A yes sir, no sir corporate cog run by logic routines and binary code —

Lies your acceptance of the invitation to a grand life,

A yes to manifesting the full spectrum of color and the invisible, too.


One day, you will take your final exhale.

Until then, be-do. Be-do who you came here to be-do.

Enter eternity now, while alive. You have permission to shine, be radiant.

Easy does it, come home to your true nature. Breathe.

Write only one word. Or two or four.


Be still.

Be still and flow.

Be still and know

That you are Goddess.

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