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Flying With My Father


Daddy-ji said to anyone who was listening

That England is a mithi jail, a sweet prison.

Yes, we have flushing toilets, central heating,

Hot and cold clean water in plenty,

All the material comforts we did not have in Dhin Pur, India,

But my spirit longs for the wide open endless fields

Trimmed by the light. Where is the temple bell?

Where is the triveni sangam, holy confluence of three trees

That sanctifies the village? The peepal, the neem, and the bodhi trees twining

Around each other and growing as one, healing and shading all with impartial love.


I absorbed his longing into my cells,

My own imprisoned cages of lack

Lived in collusion with the collective in my well-defended cocoon,

Manufactured by our shared yearning to soar.

For years, I toiled inside the cocoon of conditioning,

Disguising myself in smart polyester trousers as a competent woman of the world.

Until one day, the wild sadhu in me awoke and cried out,

Recognized the triveni sangam, the holy trinity in myself and everyone.

The three sacred rivers, Ganga, Yamuna and invisible Saraswati

Merge in my shining forehead, oh Yes,

Flowing from the ground of all existence, satchitananda.

I emerge with wet and gentle untangle of butterfly wings

And tell the truth so that we fly: Free.

The temple bell resounds

Through the light of my words.


Questions for contemplation:

Where do you most feel at home?

Are you at home in your body?

Is home a state of consciousness or a location that exists outside of you?

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