Guided Meditation Process to Embody the Whole Divine Human

Usha Sharma om symbol

The sages and rishis of India have bequeathed to us a spiritual technology that helps us to realize our true nature as pure consciousness. That technology is the daily chanting of the mantra ‘Aum.’

The Kathopanishad tells us, “This word is verily Brahman; this word is verily the highest. He who knows this word obtains, verily, whatever he desires.” The bible tells us that the in the beginning was the word and the word was God. That word, that holy vibration that underlies everything is ‘Aum.’

The challenges of daily life cause the mirror of the mind to become dusty and covered; the mind no longer reflects the inner light of the soul.

The daily chanting of ‘Aum’ restores us to wholeness. In fact, we are always whole. However, when the mind is covered with impurities we identify with those impurities; we feel we are not good enough, unworthy, in lack, and we do not experience ourselves as whole, as pure abundance.

‘Aum’ helps us to embody our divine nature

attuned to grace and miracles.

It is my honor to bring you this gift from my ancestors, the correct way to chant Aum, so that it purifies the mental body, the emotional body, and the energy body. Tune in and experience your divine wholeness, your true nature.

You will experience a shift from doing this process just once.

And it will also serve you more if you can make it a daily habit, like brushing your teeth. Research from the University of London tells us it takes 66 days for a new habit to become automatic. I suggest you do this practice for 66 days in a row, until it becomes automatic and a way of life, of maintaining your felt sense of fullness, enough-ness, wholeness, truth and beauty.

Try it out and then make a daily appointment in your calendar to remind you.


Guided Meditation on Aum to Embody the Whole Divine Human


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